Chrome Turbo Blasters

Help those who need it most


88% reached of total of €2,002

3 dads being close amigo's. 1 chrome brick on wheels. Blasting through 15 European countries in 5 days. A crazy roadtrip in a car bought for € 500,-. Painted and modified by yours truly, ready to blast off!

Nuts? Maybe, but it's not just the thrill of the adventure we are looking for. We also want to put in the miles for all children suffering from war trauma in today's world. That is why we support War Child and want to raise a euro for every mile we drive. But more is even better.

Being a dad, able to watch your own children grow up in peace is a privilege. We are well aware of that. Being a dad also causes that your heart cries for all children in places that are not safe. Where war and violence have destroyed their young lives and their innocence, leaving scars both physically as mentally. 

Our cause? Please help us to raise as much donations as possible to support children that suffered from war and conflict. War Child provides psychosocial support so they can get their lives back on the road. Help relieve children from war trauma and provide them with the opportunity to shine again!

We are greatfull with any donation, small or big. At the end of our journey, all raised funds will be directly available to help those who need it the most. Every child that can be supported is a win.

You can follow our adventures in the blog if you want, but feel free to do something usefull with your time instead. Like donating some more! Just kidding, thanks all and have a really great day  🙏

The Chrome Turbo Blasters

Rudedogg, C-Bass & Spenzel