War Child gift inspiration

What's better than receiving a gift? Exactly - giving one!

Are you celebrating, but not particularly interested in well-intended but perhaps superfluous gifts? Instead, you could ask your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to make a donation to War Child. 

Nothing like this present

Whether it's your birthday, wedding day, graduation, retirement party or an anniversary - War Child's gift inspiration is a way to give back in a deeply meaninful way. The funds you and your partygoers raise will help us stimulate the resilience of children in conflict-affected areas worldwide. 

You can share the link to your fundraising page with your invitees and together, you can gift a present like no other.

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Whether you are having your party online or offline, we enourage you to download our promotional materials to make your celebration an even bigger success. Click here to download



PS: When celebrating during the corona pandemic, please keep in mind the RIVM guidelines.