Charity run for War Child [copy]

Charity run for conflict-affected children

Are you ready to run as many laps as you can to raise funds for children in conflict? Organise a charity run with you school or association! Participants can run the course as often as they can and will raise funds per completed lap. Are you ready?

Sponsor run package with Vivianne Miedema

Together with our ambassador and world-famous soccer star Vivianne Miedema we have put together a War Child Charity Run Package (in Dutch) with a step-by-step plan, sponsor run card, stamp card, poster, press release, letter for parents, certificate, cheque, and a preparatory gym class. This will help you turn your charity run into an even bigger success!

Download our Charity run package (in Dutch). It consists of:

  • Step-by-step plan: how to organize a charity run?
  • Extra tips
  • Letter for parents
  • Sponsor card for students
  • Stamp card for students
  • Promotion poster for the school
  • Preparatory War Child PE class
  • Template for a check
  • Certificate for pupils
  • Press release

Good luck with your charity run!