Join War Child and Rotary for Colombian youth


66% reached of total of €100.000

‘I've learned how to interact and socialize, without fighting. I was given a second chance for which I will be grateful for the rest of my life’
Jorge, ex-child soldier in Colombia and participating in a War Child programme.


A future free from fear, poverty, violence and drugs - that is the future we want to see for the young people of Ciudad Bolívar, one of the poorest districts of Bogotá.

Yet the present is very different - young people grow up in the shadow of illegal armed groups and criminal gangs. Poverty is widespread and families are forced to live under a significant burden of stress. As a result, many young people end up living on the streets - alone amid the rising coronavirus pandemic and at risk of sexual exploitation or even forcely recruited into armed groups.

To make a difference for the Colombian Youth the members of Rotary Club Bogotá-Capital joined forces with War Child. The two organisations, together with Rotary clubs in the Netherlands, set up the Global Grant project Connect with your Future.


This project is focused on two main areas: Peace & conflict prevention/resolution and Economic & community development.

The project aims to reach more than 800 young people in the age of 15 to 24 with study, work and personal growth opportunities. So they can design and execute their own social change initiatives. And become active actors of change of their own lives and their communities.

Rotarians of Rotary Club Bogotá Capital will play a crucial role by assisting in the development of the project, opening up their network, building a personal connection with the youth and mentoring them.


Thanks to the great support of many international Rotary Clubs, districts and companies the project was approved by The Rotary Foundation last September. 
The team in Bogotá is now starting the implementation (to be done mainly online due to numerous COVID-19 restrictions).
Great news but we are not there yet. More funding is needed to help more youth in this area. The project team in the Netherlands is working on connecting many more Rotary, Rotaract clubs and Districts from all over the world. Because together we can make a difference!


Our joint mission is to help many more children and young people that are affected by war or armed conflict. We want to expand the cooperation between Rotary and War Child in starting many more Global Grant projects in Colombia but also in the other countries where War Child is active. The project in Bogotá is just the beginning of a better future for thousands of children.

Please contact us if your Rotary club or District wants to join:
Susan Kraaijeveld (member of Rotary Club Dordrecht and ambassador of War Child) or +31 6 4262 0560


20th of November

Early June
Early June we’ve organized a special zoom meeting in which president of Rotary Club Bogotá-Capital Sonia Agnesod and War Child Holland country director Anne-Marike Smiers talked about this project and the work of War Child in Colombia. Click on the button below to watch the video.


Every contribution is highly appreciated, so please use the ‘Doneer nu’ button to support War Child or create your own action by using the ‘Kom in Actie’ button and inspire others to join.