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Sponsor War Child Holland Marathon Team!

Nienke Teunissen


100% reached of my target amount € 500

War Child Holland (Amsterdam) is uitgedaagd door War Child UK (Londen) om samen mee te doen aan de Amsterdam Marathon op zondag 16 oktober. Graag gaan Kirsten, Tim, Waldo, Marleen en Nienke deze uitdaging aan. Nog belangrijker dan dat we harder rennen dan War Child UK is dat we meer geld ophalen om oorlogskinderen te helpen! Dus doneer massaal :-).
War Child Holland (Amsterdam) has been challenged by War Child UK (London) to join the Amsterdam Marathon together on Sunday 16th October. Kirsten, Tim, Waldo, Marleen and Nienke accepted this challenge with pleasure. Even more important than running faster than War Child UK is that we raise more money to help children affected by conflict! So please donate generously :-).

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