Surf Photo Exposition

Nathalie De Haaij


76% reached of my target amount €1.000

Surfing is a one of my passions, so is photography and working to support children. I therefore wanted to bring these passions together .

I have arranged a special Surf Photo Exposition to raise money for War Child.

The expo will showcase a group of talented to surf photographers to share their passion for surf and sea. All funds raised will be donated to War Child.

There will be a private viewing of the expo on the 13th December in Amsterdam, where the photo prints will be available for purchase. For those that can not attend the viewing, I ask you to please donate what you can to support War Child.

War Child is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the wellbeing of children affected by war. Working closely with the UN, local governments and other inspiring NGO, they provide child protection, education and psychosocial support to children in conflict affected areas in Africa, Middle East, Asia & South America.

Many thanks for your support.


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