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George's farewell


101% reached of my target amount €2.000
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Dear Colleagues,

It is a sad fact of life that the most innocent and vulnerable tend to suffer the most in times of conflict, children. I am living proof of the generosity and compassion of strangers as my father was a conflict orphan at the age of 6.
We take our wellbeing and security for granted in the developed world mostly because we are not exposed to such hardship.
I would ask that anyone who is thinking about donating for a farewell gift to me should contribute this towards the War Child charity, a far worthier cause than myself.

I sincerely thank you for any contribution.
George Mazloumian

Instead of a gift, George prefers to support War Child, a Dutch charity organisation which works exclusively to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children living with violence and armed conflict. Unfortunately, the fund raising page is only in Dutch but please find below an explanation how to donate. In case you want to donate, please click on ‘Doneer nu’ and fill in the amount (or choose one of the pre-defined amounts mentioned). Fill in your details and choose your method of payment. You can also donate by transferring an amount to bank account NL24 INGB 0000 0066 69, War Child in Amsterdam, and mention actionnumber 8019053000040219.

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