Rituals Cosmetics Run for War Child - 2022


94% reached of total of €20.000


We are super excited to participate in the Amsterdam Marathon 2022 together with many of our sporty Rituals colleagues. This year, runners from all over the world are invited to make of this event a huge success and even as amazing as the run itself is, since last year, we decided to combine efforts with War Child.

After all, there is nothing better than to have fun and support honorable and worthwhile cause at the same time, especially in these difficult times we feel it is necessary to keep organisations like War Child in mind.

War Child believes in the resilience of children. With programs aimed at psychosocial support, education and protection in sixteen countries where violence and armed conflict are a fact of life. Children deserve a safe environment where they can grow up, play and learn. A mission that deserves not only our support, but everyone’s!  Therefore, we would like to ask you to help us fundraise as much money as possible for this important cause. Any contribution is very welcome.

Many thanks on behalf of the Rituals Running team