Niels & Michiel 2 northern light 4 Warchild

Niels Mulder & Michiel Klinge

( Member of team: 2 northern light 4 warchild )


256% reached of my target amount €750
116% Achieved from my goal 7.500 km
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The goal

From 20th February and 7th March we will be driving the Baltic Sea Circle Challenge.

It is our aim to collect a tremendous amount of money for WARchild, as we believe: children need play not war!

So please do not hesitate

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About the challenge 


The car: 1985 Range Rover classic 3.5 V8

Preparations are ongoing.

The guys

Niels Mulder

Michiel Klinge


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Rondje Baltic Sea 08-03-2022 | 21:34

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Rondje Baltic Sea 08-03-2022 | 21:34