Superheroes Kili Challenge !!!

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68% reached of my target amount €5,000

Hello guys !!

Thank you so much for coming to that page and for your interest in our project.

During February, 3 Salesforce employees are going to climb the "Roof of Africa", Mount Kilimanjaro ! 🗻

We decided to combine this challenge with a fundraising to support children in conflict-affected countries.

Any help will be really appreciated and it will be used for:
- Protection
- Education
- Medical support

The project is called "The Superheroes Kili Challenge" because we think that every child who is going through a war should be considered a superhero.

Our target is to reach 5K€, this is easily doable if everybody contributes with a little something.
Salesforce, our main Sponsor will double donations to bring this 5K€ to 10K for the children.

Please feel free to go to for more information about the War Child organization and their actions.

Vidéo of the project here :


Thank you so much for your help !! :)


We decided to choose "War Child Fondation" because it is part of the approved European Organisations. This means that any company within Europe that participates to the fundraising will be eligible for a tax deduction.

Any company who wants to support the cause will be added to the list of sponsors.