On World Children Day 2019

Tanja Tamimy


186% reached of my target amount €100

Over the last few weeks, grade 4 students in the German School DISDH, as part of their social science class, had a close look at the topic of children’s rights. For World Children's Day, they prepared an excellent exhibition. The young DISDH students considered the rights to equal treatment, health care, freedom of expression, adequate nutrition, a home, a family, education, non-violence and play with respect to their own lives and needs. They began to think and look outside the box. The fourth-graders compared living conditions of children all over the world and from the very start of the project, they felt the need to help . "Children's rights concern all of us and should apply everywhere." After educational project work, a small exhibition was created. On World Children's Day 2019, the fourth-graders brought the subject to light for their school mates and encouraged them to think about how they could become active in ensuring the adherence of children's rights.

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